Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 13: So, Does Anyone Know Tibetan?

Hello all and happy Monday,

So, last P-day we went to Paris and visited the Church of the Madeline, it was so beautiful and peaceful there. The woodwork and skill that went into making the walls and the hand rails and everything is so amazing, I think it was the first Cathedral that I have ever really been in. I could see the love for God that went into building the church but as I walked through it it made me sad because there was very little reference to Christ at all. I only saw three tiny Jesus statues in the whole Cathedral. The building was beautiful but they miss the point. I am so glad for the knowledge I have of Jesus Christ and that  I can have a relationship with him and that he is my friend.

After going to the Church of the Madeline we wandered around Paris, we ended up in the really posh part of town, where the Dior and Chanel and Prada stores are, it was strange to look through the windows at clothing that probably cost more than I have ever made in my whole life total. We also walked down the Champs-Élysées, it was so pretty with all the Christmas lights. I love Paris, it seems like every time I turn around there is something else old and famous to see.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Nawang, she is from Tibet and speaks a little English and even less French, but seems very interested in learning more about the Jesus book. It was our second lesson, the first was held in a train station due to a miscommunication. But this one was at her house, she lives with another Tibetan woman, Annie. Annie speaks French pretty well as well as English so it is good that she is there. Our lesson was about Jesus Christ and his life, the goal was to help them understand that difference between Jesus Christ and Buddha, I am not sure it was really understood. They are really open and seem to really want to learn. Annie said that she likes Buddha, but that the Jesus tradition is more international than Buddha. Most of the things we taught about Jesus they related back to Buddha and the Dali Lama. We shall see, I think it is going to be a very slow process with them, but I am excited to have new people to teach. We are going back Tuesday and they are feeding us a traditional Tibetan meal, I am excited and a bit nervous, I have seen enough foreign films to know that it could be dangerous, but that there will probably be rice.

Soeur Pobst's birthday was this last Friday, on Thursday we had our first district meeting and had raclette and cheesecake to celebrate. Elder Han, our district leader's birthday was Wednesday so it was a party. Raclette is tasty but very heavy, I suggest not eating cheesecake right after eating Raclette. Raclette: a French dish involving potatoes and cheese and meat. There are little dishes that you melt special raclette cheese on a raclette machine, there is a griddle thing on top that you cook thin pieces of meat on. you pour the cheese and meat over potatoes and eat. Soeur Pobst has been sick this week, so we have been staying in so she can get better.  

Sometime in the afternoon our water heater started leaking. We called Elder Haas the Greffier (the title of the elder put in charge of the housing for the mission)  He arranged for a repairman to come the next day. So, we went to a lesson at Yue's house, she is so cute I love her. We taught about repentance and used the story of the Prodigal son to illustrate the steps, it was so good. However on our return to the apartment we found water streaming from our water heater and our kitchen half flooded. Now, our kitchen isn't that big, but it was still a good amount of water on the floor. I went into flood prevention and clean up mode and Soeur Pobst started making phone calls. The amount of water coming out was about the same as a slow faucet. We ended up turning off the water heater and turning on all the faucets in our house. The leak slowed to a drip by the time Elder Haas decided it was necessary for him to come out to our apartment to fix everything.They showed up about 10:30pm and were there until about 11. He found the problem which was good, a hose had come loose that the water passed through so instead of going through the hose it was pouring out onto our microwave. It was quite an adventure.

So, a little sad news, Nathaly told us Saturday that this next Friday she is moving to the north of France, to Lille. We are sad because she is our only amie that comes to church, and she is just starting to read the book of Mormon. Souer Pobst has served in Lille and knows the wards and the Elders there and so Nathaly will be in good hands. And it might be just what Nathaly needs to motivate her to get baptized.

Soeur Pobst is feeling better and we are both excited to get out and work hard this week, we have a lot planned and it will be good. We are going to Paris today to Angelina's Chocloate Place to have a birthday celebration, hot chocolate and pastries, Hooray!!!!

I love you all, thank you for all the prayers and encouragement and letters,

Soeur Gaelin Turney

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