Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 20: Three Little Hot Dogs in a Narrow Alley

Happy Monday everyone!
Whew, this week was crazy busy but wonderful. Tuesday we saw  Christiane and talked with her about the Book of Mormon and how it can help us every day and build our testimonies. She was having a much better day and the the spirit was there, we've started calling her at night and reading the Book of Mormon with her, even in the past week there has been a difference in her reading and what she learns. Then we took a train to Visé, it is a cute town. We did some contacting. It was the first time I've actually done it, and it was a good experience. It is weird to stop people though, I don't know if I will ever get used to it. Contacting really isn't that scary as much as it is awkward, but that's missionary work. One of the teachers at the MTC said, "A mission is just one big awkward moment, embrace it."  So that's what I'm gonna do, embrace the awkward. Then we visited a member named Isabelle, she is blind and her husband died about 6 months ago, so we go and read conference talks with her. She is so sweet and is quite lonely I think. We read her Elder Bednar's talk about tender mercies and we sang a couple of hymns with her. I hope it helps, there is only so much we as missionaries can do and I hope that it at least helps a little. Then we hopped on a train back to Liege and went and had dinner with Rita. She got home just before we got there so we had hot dogs, Belgian style. First of all, hot dogs in Belgium come in jars, I don't know what the liquid that they are swimming in is, but with processed meat things I 've learned its better not to think about it. She heated the hot dogs in a pot with sauerkraut and little bits of bacon. This is then placed on a baguette and eaten with the optional mustard, Dijon, of course. It was my first experience eating sauerkraut it was pretty good, plus I really do like hot dogs so I was very pleased with the meal. 
Wednesday Soeur Williams had her French legality appointment, so we had to go to Lille to get her papers done. She and I are now legal in France but not yet in Belgium which is the country we happen to be living in, go figure. Lille was fun though, there were two other missionaries who had legality appointments at the same time so we got to talk, while we waited. There is a patisserie called a Brazilian that you can only get in a patisserie close to the gare [translation: station] in Lille. All the other missionaries I have met say that that is the best patisserie in all of France. So, of course we had to go and get one. Personally I wasn't that impressed with them, they were good, but not my favorite. It tasted a little like a donut. When we got back to Liege we had our first DMB (Dirigant de Missionnaire du branch) meeting with our new branch mission leader. He was called on Sunday, Liege 1 (that is the branch that I am in) hasn't had a DMB for about 7 transfers at least, and this is the first one I've ever had. Frère Kapapula is going to be wonderful to work with I can tell already, he shared with us his testimony of missionary work, and that he really likes the sister missionaries, so there you go.
On Saturday we went and visited Sidoni and she introduced us to a girl who also happens to be named Sidoni, Sidoni the younger just arrived from Camaroon and is living with the Sidoni the elder. She talked with the missionaries once and has a Book of Mormon but didn't really know anything else. We taught her a bit about the restoration and Joseph Smith, and we will be meeting with her again this next Saturday. She said she was raised and baptised Evangelical but that she is looking for the truth. She was a complete surprise, but we are so excited. She came to church yesterday as well. We had a really good rendez-vous with Maurice Saturday evening. We didn't really plan anything to teach him because we wanted to find out where he was spiritually and what he wanted to get out of meeting with the missionaries. He is our most progressed ami, so we are trying to figure out what is keeping him from getting baptised. He has a lot of things going on in his life and he really wants to serve God, but he is having a hard time putting God first. He wants to make changes to his life but is having a hard time starting, I think. I think we made some good progress and I think we have a better idea of what direction to head in with him at least. He said he would try to come to FHE tonight, so we shall see.
Today we discovered a new thing that I think is so far my favorite P-day activity. We decided to go wandering in downtown Liege and found these street-alley ways that are called impasses. They are little narrow streets that are sort of hidden by the surrounding buildings. They are only wide enough for one or maybe two people to walk down at a time, they are dead ends or u-shaped with 2 entrances. They are the kind of streets I always imagines Europe to have, there are doors and little garden areas that are crammed together. They are so cute, if I were going to live in Europe I want to live on an impasse. We also went to the Red Church, also known as the Church of Saint Barthèlemy. It has a baptismal font with 12 oxen around the base, it is for baptising infants and is really small, but still cool. 


I love you all,
Soeur Gaelin Turney

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