Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 27: American Cookies

Happy Easter Everybody!!!! or rather: Joyeux Paques!!!!

This upcoming week is going to be quite the momentous occasion. I reach my six month mark as a missionary, meaning I only have a year left, crazy! It is Easter, which happens to be the most important holiday of the entire year and for which I am super excited. And it is the last week of the transfer, the email that decides my fate for the next six weeks comes out Saturday morning. So many things to look forward to and to stress about, hurray!

This week has been a good one, as pretty much every week is, but I feel obligated to give an overall summary, so this week has been a good week. Tuesday Soeur Williams and I made cookies and went to the town of Seraing. We stopped by the Branch President's house and gave them some cookies. Europeans love American cookies, I think perhaps even more than Americans love American cookies. So, needless to say they were happy to see us, we chatted for a bit and we learned so much about President Stumont and his family. We shared a spiritual thought, and they asked us what we were doing next. We said we were going to stop by another member's house, Betty  who lives in the area. Soeur Stumont said she would come with us and give us a ride. So we all went to Betty's house. We didn't say a lot, Soeur Stumont is a talker but we did share a scripture and in listening we learned even more about both Betty and the Stumonts. It was definitely worth the trip.

On Wednesday we made cupcakes with Rita and her grandchildren who happened to be over for the day. It was quite the adventure, let us say that the two weren't very good at sharing or taking turns. But the cupcakes turned out despite all the help we had. Everyone was a bit skeptical about the mayonnaise that I put into the batter but were very pleased with the outcome. I love chocolate cupcakes.

Friday there was a Young Single Adult activity. We hiked up the historic stairs (there are 384, Elder McQuay counted) and wandered around one of the oldest neighborhoods in Liege, it was so pretty. We ended up in a garden area that was everything a European garden should be, of course I forgot my camera, but it was truly magical, I kept trying to wander off, but Soeur Williams wouldn't let me. We decided that we had to come back on P-day which we did, I brought my camera the second time. We had a picnic in the shade and sat and drew pictures and looked at the scenery for a good 2 hours today. That is just another of the many reasons I love Soeur Williams, she wants to sit and be in a lovely European garden just as much as I want to.

Saturday after Samedi Sports we had a lesson with Stephan, he lives in the elders' area so we have to pass him over to them to teach. We taught the lesson with the Elders to ease the transition a little. We talked more about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. Stephan just gets it, he is ready for the gospel. We watched the Restoration movie and he basically taught us the lesson. We asked if he had any questions and after a pause he asked, how long does a person have to study to get to baptized in your church. Well, Stephan, you have to have a few more lessons with us and come to church 3 times and you are good to go. It was so exciting, he told us that he has never been baptized into a church because baptism is like marriage; you are making a covenant with God, and he wanted to make sure he did it the right way. The spirit was really strong. He shared a couple of experiences from his life, and he has definitely been prepared for the gospel, it is so amazing. I am excited to see how he progresses.

There was only one black spot on what had the makings of a perfect week, and the problem is all my fault because apparently my creeper radar is broken. We were waiting for the 17 on our way to Samedi Sports and a charming black guy started talking to us, I was thinking, 'cool a contact.' We got off the 17 and were waiting for the 13 when he comes walking towards us from the direction of the bus stop. I didn't think anything of it, but Soeur Williams, whose creeper radar does in fact work, was not pleased. She made a phone call, and in the mean time I give him our card and set up a Rendez-vous for after church, and invited him to Samedi sports. It was only after he was gone to change shoes that Soeur Williams clues me in onto the fact that he is not the desirable type. Luckily the Elders arrive before he does so we can give them the heads up. They talk to him after he arrives. He calls Saturday night to say hi and Soeur Williams more or less hangs up on him. He came to the meeting at church, the Elders were kind enough to come with us, they taught the lesson but he didn't really pay attention. We told him that we can't teach boys, which is true if it is only a boy, and that the Elders had to teach him. I don't think he got the hint as he called us again today, We didn't answer. I am not sure how it is going to end, but I hope it happens soon. Does anyone know of a good place that repairs creeper radars, cause I need one badly!

Church was amazing this week, I learned a lot. Our lesson in Relief Society was about honesty, God is perfectly honest, and He has given us everything we need to know to gain salvation. We can rely on the things He has said because God cannot lie. One of the talks in Sacrament meeting was on prayer, it was a good reminder of what prayer really is; a conversation with God. It made me evaluate my prayers and see how I can improve them, it was a little nerve wracking because I was giving the closing prayer for the meeting. The sister giving the talk's name was Fabienne; she said, prayer is a privilege but it is also a commandment. We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart might mind and strength, do the prayers we say reflect our love for God?

I love you all and this gospel, stay faithful to the end,

Soeur Gaelin Turney

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