Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 28: Liège is Mine for Another Six Weeks!


Lots of Belgian chocolate from Jacqeline
I hope that you had a very wonderful Easter and that you found lots of eggs and eat lots of chocolate. The transfer news is out and I am staying in Liège, and Soeur Williams is going down to Paris. My new companion will be Soeur Cope, she was also in the MTC with me, so I am excited to see her again.

 This week was so good, I think that all our work this transfer is starting to pay off, yay! We have started working with two women  who have met with missionaries before, Claire and Raymonde. I am excited to see where things go with them. Ming Qi is a young adult who we have been trying to see since I got to Liège. We finally saw her Thursday, she is so nice and she invited us to come back.

This Wednesday I reached my Six Month mark. AAAH, it is crazy to me that I am a third of the way done with my mission already. I feel like I just got here, after Wednesday there will only be six sister missionaries that have been out longer than I have. To celebrate, Soeur Williams and I bought ice cream during our lunch hour. There is an artisan ice cream shop close to our apartment. I got one scoop of Melon, and one of Violet. They were both delicious, the melon was a little like watermelon jelly bellies. The violet was like violets. 

We had boulets at Rita's house this week. Boulets are meatballs, and there is a special liègoise sauce that they make with is that is sooo good, they are eaten with frites (french fries fried twice). Very tasty but must be eaten in moderation. Soeur Williams made a banana cream pie for dessert, it was a very good dinner. Then we had a very good lesson. We talked about prayer and how prayer is more than just words. And because God is our Heavenly Father he wants to talk to us. We talked about how much He loves us as His children and that is why prayer is important, because it is how we can feel his love.  

Left to Right: Myriam, Elder Duarte, Roxanne, S. Williams, S. Turney, Elder McQuay

So, In Liège on Easter morning there is a bike race that starts in the middle of the city, goes out into the country and then finishes back where it starts. Of course we didn't know that, so we missed our bus to church, and had to walk a bit of a way in order to find a stop that hadn't been rerouted. So, we were late to church, but when we finally got on the bus we met Christiane and her kids Ismael and Sabrina who where on their way to church too! Christiane has been doing really well this week, she came to church for all three hours, or at least two and a half hours. She also said that Sabrina, who is nine and isn't baptized wants to have the missionary discussions. We are really excited, Christiane's kids are so cute and it will be good for Christiane to hear the lessons again.

Christiane and Soeur Williams

Today was a strange p-day, it is a holiday of some kind, and all the stores are closed, so no grocery shopping. We went over the Skousen's house to help Sister Skousen make the food for FHE tonight and lunch for district meeting tomorrow. It was a lot of fun, the Skousens are wonderful, and it is a little like having your grandparents around all the time. The internet in the Young Adult Center at the church is working now, so we don't have to go to the internet café with all the creepers, yay!! 

I hope that your week is wonderful and bright,

Soeur Turney

The pictures below are the view from our balcony, we are so lucky!!

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