Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 39: President, yes. Marriage, not for a while.

Hello everybody! Happy July! 

So, funny story, I got proposed to on Tuesday. We were waiting at the bus stop to catch the 17 and this skinny African guy comes up and looks at the bus schedule, he asks if we are waiting for the 17 and we say "oui" He sits down next to me on the bench and starts talking about the weather, He asks if I am Belgian, I say no in fact I am not, I am actually an American. He says he has a brother who lives in Washington that he is going to go see in September and he asks how long i will be in Belgium. I say "9 months." He asks how long i have been in Belgium. "Nine months." HE then asks, "so, how do i be your friend?" I explain I am a missionary and I teach people about the gospel, He asks if I have an email address. I give him our card and say "This is the address of our church and the phone number, I will be at church this Sunday if you want to talk to me then." He then asks if because I am a Sister I can't get married. At this point the little red sirens in my head are going off and I had a feeling the conversation was going to get awkward real fast. I said that my mission was only 18 months long and that after I could finish my studies and get married if I wanted to. He was then like "So, after you are done, you me get married?" Aaaaaahaha, NONONONO is what my brain was saying but there was a temporary disconnect between mouth and brain, and I think I just gaped at him for a couple minutes. I kind of just mumbled something about we'll see...uh...hmmm...uh. Finally he said, "Can I give you my number so that when you are done you can call me?" I was like, "If you really want to." I ask, "What's your name? " The response? "Yaya." AAAAAAAARRGH!!!!! For those who don't remember, I have had another run in with an African named Yaya who wanted to get to know me better. It was very ironic. I am not sure what it is about Africans named Yaya but they seem to have a thing for me. Luckily the bus came right then and we were able to run away, but it threw me off for a second. 

I met my new mission president this week. His name is President Poznanski, I am still unsure of the pronunciation. But he is very nice, he is French and actually lived in the mission boundaries before he was called. His wife is super cute, she is french too and she served a mission in the Paris France Mission too. They have two daughters still living at home, and we got to meet them too. Previously trainings and interviews have been in English, now they are going to be in French, I am excited. They are emphasizing learning the language and working with members. I am excited to see what happens while he is President because he knows the problems and the culture and the people that we are working with and he can help us overcome them. I feel like big changes are coming. 

Jean-Baptiste had his baptismal interview this week and he is ready to go. His baptism will be Friday the 15 at 6:00pm. I am so excited and he is too. He is so ready. 

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting, on missionary work, I think it want rather well all things considered. I only got confused as to what I was trying to say once.:) I ended my talk with this idea, The gospel is our life. Greater love hath no man than this, than he gives his life for his friends. Let us not only love our friends that we give our life for them but that we also give our life to them. 

We also had a cool thing happen at church. There was a guy that came in all alone and sat in the chapel, I had never seen him before and no one was talking to him, so I went over and asked how he was and what his name is. He said his name is Guy and that his friend told him to come to this church. We asked who his friend was, and it was one of the Elder's amis who came to church last week. Cool, huh! We had a lesson with him after church and he seemed to have liked it, he took the Book of Mormon and have another with him next week after church, which he said he was coming to also. Yay!!! 

I hope all is well for you this week, Thursday is Bastille Day so play a little Les Miserables or eat cheese something Frenchy like that. I might be in Belgium but we will be celebrating it anyway!

Love always and forever,

Soeur Gaelin Turney

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