Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 40: I'm moving!

Well, I am leaving Liège, but I am not going far, my new area is in Brussels, I am in the Louise ward. My new companion will be Soeur McClaine, it is going to be strange to move, I've been in Liège for five and a half months. Another crazy thing, on Wednesday I will be halfway done with my mission, that is so weird. I feel like I just got here.  I am an old missionary now, it is so strange. 

Anyway, We had exchanges this week with Paris Lilas. Both Soeur Cope and I went down to Paris, I got to work with Soeur Didier. She is from southern France and is so cute. She still doesn't know English very well, it is so fun speaking French with her because her accent is so pretty. We did a lot of good work, I must say Métros are an amazing thing. I am excited that Brussels has some, you can get so much done when it doesn't take 40 minutes to get from one rendez-vous
to the next. 
It is cool because the Paris sister apartment is right by the Bastille, and the 14 is Bastille day (the French national holiday) We were there Tuesday and Wednesday so we didn't get to see any parades but I took some pictures of the Bastille and when we got back to Liège I made a Bastille cake for district meeting. I of course forgot my camera cord again so next week there will be lots of pictures. 

We had a really good rendez-vous with Paul on Wednesday. We talked more about the Book of Mormon, I think he was still confused about why it was so important. We read a chapter together and talked about it. Then he said, the Book of Mormon is good, but can we use the Bible in our next lesson? We went on to try and explain why the Book of Mormon is so important and talked about Christ coming to visit the Nephites. We read a lot of scriptures from 3 Nephi with him, I think it finally clicked that the Book of Mormon is more of the teachings of Jesus, and that it is like the Bible. He said at the end that he wanted to read it, Yes!!! We have another Rendez-vous with him tomorrow. I am excited.

Jean-Baptiste's baptism was on Friday, and it was so wonderful. He brought a couple of friends and I think they all have potential to become amis. There were a lot of members there so it was good too, and there was a party for the Skousens afterwards so there was a lot of food and socializing. Jean-Baptiste's friend Joseph had a really good time, and all of them talked to people so I have high hopes. He was confirmed on Sunday, an it was really good. I felt so happy when he was baptised and confirmed; it is true that your joy is great when you bring souls unto God.This is truly a marvelous work and good tidings of great joy. 

Sunday at church was a little different, there was a family from the dutch speaking part of Belgium that was here, and the kids (three of them 7,5,and 2) didn't know French but they did know English so, we went to primary to translate for them. It has been a long time since I've been to Primary, we learned about temples and I got to color a picture about how I love to see the temple. Then after sharing time, they sent me with the two year old to nursery. The two year old didn't understand English any better than he did French but they wanted me there so I went. It was fun, we played with blocks mostly. Small children are so interesting to watch play, there is so much goodness in them and there is no guile, I love how open they are to new things. I can understand why we need to become like little children. They are so full of love and forgiveness and laughter. 

I love you all!

Soeur Gaelin Turney

The new Paris France mission boundaries (click for a more detailed view)

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