Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 64: Levons-nous et Batissons!!!!

Well this week was another super one, I think having a companion that is new and full of hope and excitement for missionary work is wonderful.

Well, our lesson with Mohammed wasn't quite what we hoped is would be. It was a really good discussion, but I don't know that we will teach him again. He is super nice, and his wife is pregnant, he is so excited. I am not sure his interest in Christianity is deep enough for him to want to change but we gave him a Book of Mormon and I am pretty sure he is going to read it. He has so much light about him, I just don't think the moment is right. Still, it was a really cool experience to see how the Lord let us to him.

Mara was our miracle this week. She is Peruvian, and we met her contacting last week. We had our first rendez-vous Wednesday. She lives really close to us so we started walking towards her house. On the way we contacted a girl named Marianne, she is in her third year of university so is super busy, but we had a really good  conversation with her. She doesn't really believe in God but she believes in having good morals and principles. She said that she doesn't believe in things thqt she can't see, so we talked about faith and the Holy Ghost. And that even though I haven't seen Him I know that he is there, and I know it because of the Book of Mormon. She took a copy and she said that she will read it, she gave us her number but she said that she probably won't have time to read until vacances. I like talking to young adults, they seem to be more open and willing to listen.

So, after talking with Marianne we continue on our way to Mara's house, it was dark and raining slightly, the misty rain that you can't really see or feel but makes you all wet anyway. We walked and didn't see the street so we walked back the way we came to see if we had missed the street; we ended up stopping at a Boulangerie to ask directions and after about 20 minutes we figured out that we hadn't gone far enough. So we went, and event hough we were 30 minutes late Mara was there and very happy to see us. She said that she wanted to know more about prophets, when we contacted her we told her that we have a prophet today and she said that she didn't know about that but wanted to know more. We taught her the restoration of the church. I think that it was the smoothest most clearly explained first lesson I have ever had. The spirit was so strong, the words that came out of my mouth were not my own. It is one of the most incredible experiences to feel the Spirit working through you to talk to someone. I shared how I knew that President Monson is the prophet, and how when he had walked into the Marriott center at BYU even though I was very far away and could barely see him I could feel the power that he holds. After Mara said she wanted to have that experience, she wanted to feel that same feeling. We told her that she could and that she would if she would pray to know if Thomas S. Monson was a prophet and read the Book of Mormon. She said that she would. It was an amazing moment. She is one of the humblest and most prepared people I have ever met. I love her already.

We had interviews this week and during the training part President and Sister Poznanski shared the story of Nehemiah from the Old Testament. I wasn't familiar with the story, but basically it is during the Babylonian captivity of Israel and the Prophet Nehemiah gets permission to go to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls. The people once they get there don't think that they can do it and whine. Nehemiah gives them a pep talk ending with the stirring words "Levons-nous, et Batissons!" or " Let us rise up and Build!" I was the one that read the verse out loud, then President Poznanski had me get up in front and he said, "If you were going to say this to the people of Israel how would you say it?" Without hesitation or second thought I shouted "LEVONS-NOUS ET BATISSONS!!!!!!" with large sweeping arm motions. I think President was a little surprised, but everyone laughed and cheered. I think that in general I come off as very quiet and reserved, so I think I made quite the impression. After the people started building the wall they started getting excited about it, but their enemies started harassing them, so they had to start having guards. Soeur Poznanski talked about how their first weapon of defense was prayer, and how it must be ours as well. I know that that is true. I have learned so much about prayer as a missionary. The connection we have to God is so important, and it is what keeps us safe and gives us comfort and help. I am so grateful for prayer.

I love you all so very very much, just keep swimming and don't let the muggles get you down, because God is watching out for you!


Soeur Gaelin Turney

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