Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 66: Happy Valentine's Day!

and a Happy P-day!!!

Monday evening we had a family home evening with one of the sisters in the ward, Sœur Holdrinet, we had a short lesson using Luke 22:31-32. We talked about how amazing it was that Christ is praying for us, to protect us. It gives me courage to think that Jesus is on my side and he wants to help me. After the lesson we had dinner, and her daughter came over. Her daughter is not a member, so we were able to get to know her a bit, she believes in God and that it is important to be a good person I don ’t think that Sœur Holdrinet ’s kids have let her talk about the church much with them, so I think it was cool to be able to meet her daughter and let her know that we are normal people. At the very end we talked very briefly about Joseph Smith, it was very natural and she seemed mildly interested. I don ’t know if anything will happen but it is important to plant seeds of faith.

We saw Mara on Wednesday, she is so very sweet, but I don ’t think that she is really interested in our message. I think she is lonely and wants people to talk to and talking about Jesus is good too. We talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy and she said she doesn't like church. She said that even if she goes for only an hour she feels like it takes up the whole day and she always falls asleep so she might as well just stay at home in bed. It wasn't very encouraging. But we did our best to help her understand why going to church  is important, first of all it is a commandment. And that we take the sacrament and are strengthened spiritually by the prayers and faith of those we are with. She hasn't been reading in the Book of Mormon either, it makes me so sad. I love the Book of Mormon and I have a hard time understanding people that don't want to read it, I try so hard to help them understand why the Book of Mormon is important, but they still don't read it. I am grateful for the gift of agency, and that I can choose what I want to do, but it makes me sad when people use their agency to choose not to give the Book of Mormon a try. We aren't sure what we are going to do for Mara, but we still have hope.

Thursday we met a really cool young adult named Stephane. He was born in France, but has lived all over. He is very humble and kind. We contacted him on the street and he agreed to see us the next afternoon. It was amazing! Then we had the problem of finding a sister to teach with, but what a wonderful problem. Soeur Holdrinet said that she would be more than willing to teach with us and that we could teach at her house. It was a perfect start, Soeur Holdrinet was wonderful, I was very glad that she was there and that  Ihave a French companion because Stephane didn't understand anything I said. It was a very strange feeling, Its been about ten months since I've had someone stare at me and say "I didn't understand a word you just said." It was a bit humbling, so during the lesson I mostly listened and prayed silently for my companion. The lesson turned out alright in the end. He fixed another rendez-vous and there is a high probability that he is coming to church! The only downside is that we are going to have to pass him to the Elders to teach because he is a man. Sometimes I don't like that rule. But, we have good Elders so it isn't so bad.

I love y'all so very much and have a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day, 'cause mine won't be.


Soeur Gaelin Turney

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