Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 70: The Beginning of the End?

Happy Monday!

We had a talk with Soeur Poznanski on Tuesday, it was really helpful and put things into perspective. That's one cool thing about being in Versailles, we get to see the Poznanskis at church and around. She talked to us a little about her mission, she served in the Paris France Mission too. She read us the first three verses of Doctrine and Covenants 98. We talked about gratitude and the power there is in being grateful in all things. She also made the point that the has sworn with an oath that he will answer our prayers, his just didn't specify when. So we need to have faith and patience, even when it doesn't seem like Heavenly Father is listening to us, he is and he will bless us, when the time is right. 

We had exchanges this week, We were paired with the Blois sisters (Pronounced kinda like Blah but with a w in the middle, Bl-wah) I stayed in Versailles and got to work with Soeur Williams. I was so happy to see her again, she was my companion in Liege and is the same ''age'' as I am in the mission. It is super weird because she is going home the early transfer so she only has one week left. It was a lot of fun to reminisce together and to see how we have changed. It was funny because I had forgotten how similar our personalities and interests are. We got to teach together again, it was cool, The last time we taught together was about a year ago. I know a lot more French now. 

Tomorrow is my 17 month mark, I do not feel like I have been here for seventeen months. I am glad I chose to stay until may, I am not ready to come home yet, I love you all but the thought of going home makes me very nervous. 

This week was a little rough, all but one of our rendez-vous got cancelled, but we met some cool people. and this week is looking really good. Bethina is doing well, she called us Friday night with a question about personal revelation. She told us that her brother is going to get baptized in three weeks. She is amazing, she told us that last Sunday she didn't study at all, and that she rested and kept the sabbath day holy. When we saw her the exam was the next day, but she said that she didn't feel nervous at all, and that she felt positive. We testified of the blessings of obedience and promised that Heavenly Father would help her. She is so good! 

I hope that you have a wonderful week and that all your wildest dreams come true.

Love always,

Soeur Gaelin Turney

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