Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 3: A Whirlwind Adventure

Bonjour everyone!

There have been so many exciting things happening this week it is hard to know where to begin, I am thinking chronological bullet points are the best way to tell you about all the things I want to.

So, Friday night at about 9:36 PM just as we (my companion and I of course) were returning to the residence hall to shower and get ready for bed and announcement came on over the loud speaker announcing that the bathrooms were going to be closed for emergency maintenance. Now, this is a problem because there are 60-100 sisters on each floor and there are 3 floors. They told us the bathrooms on the ground level would still be open, but they are normal public restrooms and there aren't very many of them. So, I ended up brushing my teeth in the drinking fountain. The next morning was of course a mess because everyone wanted to take a shower, but we survived. They kept announcing to dress appropriately because they would be male maintenance workers on our floor, which made us laugh.

Every Sunday we have a Fireside at 7:00. I was having a hard day on Sunday, and I am not really sure why. The special musical number at the beginning was one of my favorite songs, and I was filled with peace and love. It was a testimony to me that my Heavenly Fathers loves me. 

Tuesday I got to go to San Francisco. It was one of the strangest days of my life. We had to be at the travel office at 5:00 am to drive to the airport. I was traveling with 9 other missionaries, all of which are going to Paris. We were picked up at the airport by Edgar, a Filipino man who was really funny. He drove us to the French Consulate, were we gave them a packet of papers and had our finger prints scanned. It only took about 30 minutes and our flight back to Salt Lake wasn't until 4:40, so we went sightseeing at Pier 39. We watched the sea lions and I saw 3 jellyfish. We walked to Ghirardelli Square but didn't really do anything there. I bought some sourdough bread that I am still eating, it is the perfect midnight snack. My favorite part was this guy who was sitting on a small stool holding some branches on the side of the sidewalk. He sat there and scared people, it reminded me of the Gods Must Be Crazy. It was so funny to watch him. I was very sad to be that close to the ocean and not be able to touch it. We flew home and and got back to the MTC at about 8:30pm. I have never had round trip fight like that in one day so it felt a little like a really long and exhausting dream. I was a little sad because we missed the devotional and Elder Ballard came. 

Yesterday (Thursday) we had the best lesson ever. We had our second lesson with our progressing investigator, Erik, and the spirit was so strong. It was the first time we really taught by the spirit and we were able to get him to open up and share his feelings with us. It was so amazing.

Thank you so much the letters and packages, they make me so happy, and make me feel loved. You are the best family ever. I love it here and I am grateful for your support.

Love always

Soeur Turney

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