Friday, December 10, 2010

Week 8: Liftoff in T Minus Ten Days

Bonjour from the MTC!
We got our travel plans yesterday, meaning I really am going to Paris. It hasn't really seemed real yet. I don't think it will really sink in that I am going to France until a get there, though. I am leaving December 20, the Paris people (of which there are 20) leave the MTC at 1:30 and our nonstop fight to Paris leaves at 5:00pm. I am so excited for the plane ride, as it is my first international flight, and there will be 20 eager missionaries. I almost feel bad for the other passengers. We arrive in Paris at 11:25 Tuesday morning. I makes me laugh a little because the people going to Toulouse have to leave the MTC at 5 am and have a layover in Texas before going to Paris and then Toulouse. We leave 8 hours after them and we arrive at our destination 20 minutes before they do, heheheh.
We have been having some really great teaching experiences with Pierre, one our investigators. He is one of the most authentic investigators we have and our first couple of lessons were really rough. But Soeur Wiseman and I have been working really hard on improving how we approach lessons and simplifying a lot. It is finally paying off. Our last two lessons have been really powerful. We taught about Jesus Christ and the power of his atonement and about baptism and ordinances of the gospel. In the teacher's log he said that it was a wonderful lesson and he understood everything we taught and even some stuff we thought we did a poor job explaining. He said he felt the Spirit very strongly and was excited to have another lesson. The Lord is so wonderful, Soeur Wiseman and I have finally figured out how to teach with the Spirit and with each other and we only have 10 days left to do things together. But that is how the Lord works, once we are comfortable where we are He switches things up on us. I am excited for the next grand adventure!
On Monday the French sisters had a tea party. Soeur Harline's grandmother sent a tea party in a box complete with doilies and tiny "silver" cutlery. We sat on a sheet in the common area, dressed in our pyjamas and our fine jewelry ( I had an up-do) and spoke in very bad very high pitched British voices. It was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of good food. Her grandmother sent apples and bread with fancy cheese spread, tea cookies, and there was lots of chocolate and crackers. We were very silly, the irony is that we had taught about the Word of Wisdom earlier that day and that night had a tea party. :)
We also learned how to give directions in French and for an activity we have to direct our companions around the building in French while they had their eyes closed. My companion almost ran me into Elder Shumway, who is much larger than I and used to play football. Elder Shumway was also being lead and my hand bumped into him before either of our companions could yell "arretez, arretez!" I am quite sure I would have been the loser of the impact, so be grateful I am still alive to be telling you this.
I love this gospel and the experiences I am having. I am so excited so start sharing this with the people of France! I love you all very much and have a very Joyeux Noel!!!
Soeur Turney

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