Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 7: Pull Up Your Socks and Get to Work

Bonjour everyone!!!
We watched an old devotional by Elder Holland this week and my favorite quote is the title of this email, "pull up your socks and get to work." That is my new motto. For devotional this week Sister Julie B. Beck came and talked to us, yay! It was another of those moments when the sisters got really excited and the Elders looked around in confusion asking "Who?" Silly, Elders. She talked about the growth and expansion of missionary work that she has seen in her life time. It made me think of D&C 4:1, a marvelous work is about to come forth among all the children of men. I realised that a marvelous work and a wonder is going forth and that I am a part of it. I read Elder Nelson's talk from this last conference about missionary work and I am so excited to be going to France at helping people come unto Christ.
I only have 17 days in the MTC left, AAAAAAAGH! I am so not ready to speak French. On Wednesday we had a zone PVL (Parlez Votre Language) day, everyone who is learning French had to speak French all day, it went well but I am not sure a am ready for real French people. All the lessons we are teaching now are in French and they are going pretty well, we are teaching 3 people now. We had a FHE with George. George is another elder and his wife is a sister, and it was so fun coming up with activies for them.
There was a bat in the Gym during the Fireside on Sunday, it was clinging to the ceiling. We were sitting directly under it, Soeur Wiseman was a little freaked out, but I thought it was awesome.
Sundays we have a district meeting with a lesson, and after we dicided to have an activity. This week we played the Fruit game, where you can't show your teeth. Except we chose names from the Book of Mormon. I was Riplakish and Soeur Wiseman was Pagag, we won/tied. It was so funny and the Elders were unsure of what to think. Yay for girls camp games.
We got new French missionaries on Wednesday, some of them are going to the Congo, the Ivory Coast, and French West Indies. So, cool!! We also got 2 new sisters.
Thank the ward for the letters they sent they made me so happy!
Love always,
Soeur Turney

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  1. I wondered what PVL meant, then I realized that we called it HSI (hable su idioma). I was much amused.