Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 9: Two Days and a Half!

So this has to be quick because I didn't leave myself any time to write this, as we just got back from the temple. I had a really good temple experience for which I am glad as I won't be going for 16 months.
BYU Men's Chorus fireside:  Last Sunday we had the best fireside ever! The BYU Men's Chorus came and gave us a musical fireside. For a group of 19-21 year olds who haven't been able to listen to music for 2 months it was heaven. I was also fun because I knew at least 3 people in the chorus. Neil Elsworth was singing and it warmed my heart to see some one I knew. There were a lot of songs I wasn't familiar with but i loved it all. It also made my think of all my friends who used to be in Men's Chorus and so any of you who have ever sung at BYU, THANK YOU SO MUCH, and know that you were thought of.
4 square: So, the favorite sport to play at gym in our zone is 4 square. Which when I got to the MTC I had not played from 6th grade. It is very silly to play with the elders because they usuaslly go easy on sisters. If they do happen to get a sister out then they are usually given a lot of flack and are pronounced "cursed" and the next round everyone tries to get them out. Whatever, it is still fun to play. Yesterday was out last gym and I played 4 square for most of it. I got to be queen twice so I felt that is was time well spent.
France pictures with Frere Quinn:  Yesterday was Frere Quuinn's last day as our teacher. He brought his laptop with all his mission pictures on it. We had a slide show and he told us lots of cool stories and about all the people he met, it was so cool. It made me so excited to leave and to go to France and get to work. He served in Toulouse so I wasn't even seing pictures of places I will be but I was excited all the same. YAY FRANCE!!!!
P-day Christmas: So this morning the Soeurs all had a mini Christmas morning. Soeur Wiseman's parents sent her a little tree and we decortated everrything all Christmasey. Most of the other's had their presents already so they opened then and we talked about all our Christmas tradtions. They thought our nativity reecatment was very funny. And they liked the idea of santa mouse. I am excited to have my presents on Christmas in France. 
Thank you all for writing letters, I love mail. I love you all very much and I hope you all have a very happy Christmas!!! Make a snowman for me, 'cause they won't let us touch the snow here. 
Love always and I will talk to you soon!!!!
Soeur Gaelin Turney <3 

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