Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 30: Whoever Decided to Let Missionaries Call Home Shall be Called Blessed by All Missionaries Everywhere

Soeur Cope, Gaelin's new companion.
She is from Provo.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you  mommies, and not mommies, and soon to be mommies, and to anyone else who wants to have a happy mother's day. 

This has been a long but good week, we started of the week by making a large batch of cookies and stopping by members' houses for a treat and a spiritual thought, this week's theme was on prayer, 2 Nephi 9:52. We had some really good talks with members, it was fun to get to know them better. Ming Qi is a young adult that is less active that we have been trying to visit and hopefully get reactivated. We were able to stop by for a few minutes and give her some chocolate chip study aids and a spiritual pep talk. Exams are starting soon so it is going to be difficult for any young adults to come to activities and especially it seems for the Asian ones, like Ming Qi. I told her about how I always pray before tests for Heavenly Father to help me remember the things I studied, I hope it helps her. She is so sweet I really want her to come to church! 

Wednesday we had a training in Namur by the person in charge of stake missionary work for our stake, he has a background in CES so he is really good. He talked about building trust with the members by being obedient, asking questions to find out about them and to help them feel the spirit. I love trainings because they always remotivate me to work even harder and to be a little better. 

Thursday and Friday we  had some beautifully planned out days but there was a bus strike so we couldn't do what we wanted to do. we went contacting instead, which is not as effective as other things we do. We also walked to the church which we found out takes 47 minutes to get to from our house. Luckily the buses were working again Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday we taught Christiane's 8 year old daughter Sabrina about the restoration of the gospel. She is so cute and she asks some really good questions. She wanted to know if her getting baptized and repenting made Jesus' suffering any less. I wasn't really sure what to say, but I thought it was sweet. I made a Joseph Smith coloring page for her, I am excited to come up with fun things to help teach her. 

Church on Sunday was really good, the Relief society lesson was about tithing. You could tell that many of the sisters had a strong testimony of tithing and that they had put God's promise to the test, that is if they paid their tithing, God would pour out blessings that there would not be room enough to receive them. The spirit was really strong as the different sisters shared their experiences. I think that is the reason I love church and why going to church is so important, feeling the spirit as others bare witness of the things that they know. 

This morning during French studies we heard a noise that sounded like trumpets being tuned and whistles blowing. We went out on our balcony and down below was a military marching band and a platoon of army men and another division of the military I don't know which one, and behind them about thirty little old men in uniforms of various types. They got themselves ready and the band started play and they all marched off down the street. It was so cool, I wave no idea what is was for but it brought joy to my heart. It makes me wish there was a parade outside every day. 

I love you  and am grateful for you all,
May the spirit be with you, always.

Soeur Gaelin Turney

Sr. Turney and Katie, the YSA she went on exchanges with

Gaelin's apartment building in Liege

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