Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 32: Is Ping Pong Really a Sport?

Hello everybodeeee!

I have decided that I would make a really good weather person, I have guessed wrong about what to wear every day this week, I either wear too many clothes and burn up or not enough and freeze, but other than that it been a great week. 

On Tuesday we went to Clair's house, she fell last Saturday and hurt her knee which is why she didn't come to church. We read parts of Ether 12 and Moroni 7 with her and talked about Charity. When we read Moroni 7:45 she was like, "Woo, charity is hard."  It is true, but that is why it tells us to pray for it with all the energy with our heart. All the other commandments are encompassed in charity and without it we are nothing. It was a really good lesson, the spirit was really strong. Claire has a lot of faith, I am glad I get to teach her and learn from her. 

We had leadership training on Wednesday in Lille, France. Which is 2 hours away by car and three hours away by train. I love trainings. It is a time that I can refocus on the essentials and I get to learn how to be a better missionary. And it is fun to see lots of missionaries all at once. Large groups of missionaries are always fun. In the second half of the training we watched The Quest; it was a short film about a one armed young man named Billy Peck who did everything he could to do what he said he'd do. Billy is a real 'go getter'.  It was a little corny but the message was clear. Diligence is important and that sometimes the things we are asked to do have a greater purpose that we can see with our understanding right now. I think the thing that I love the most about trainings is the determination I have when I leave to be the best that I can be. That is why I love going to church too; it is a time to be spiritually strengthened and helps me prepare myself for the week. I wish I could help my amis and the less active member I work with understand how important going to church really is, and help them to love it as much as I do. 

We played Ping Pong at Samedi Sports this week. I am terrible at Ping Pong. We ended up playing around the world ping pong which is lots more fun than the normal game. Today on our way to the grocery store we were stopped by a young African man who asked us if we were the sisters in English. We answered that yes we were in fact the sister missionaries. He said that he had met with sisters in Sweden and that he had been in Liège for about 4 months. We got his number and invited him to Ping pong this next Saturday; I am excited it should be good. He seemed genuinely excited to see us (the missionaries not just girls that would stop and talk to him) yay! 

I think our work is starting to pay off, we have several referrals and some good rendez-vous set up, it is going to be a good week.

 Thank you all for your prayers and love,
Soeur Gaelin Turney

The quote of the week is: "Gee, Brain; what do you want to do today?" "Same thing we do every day Pinky, try to make us a ward!"

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