Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 33: Four Amis at Church!!!!

Soeur Cope and I had a really good week, ending with 4 amis at church! We are usually lucky to get one, but miracle of miracles, there were 4! It makes me even more excited for this next week, and to find even more people to bring to church!

We had exchanges with the Strombeek, Brussels  Soeurs. I worked here in Liège with Soeur Larsen, she is amazing. I learned a lot from her she is fearless, and I want to be like that. She is a contacting master! I think that I just have to decide that I am going to contact everyone and stop thinking about it and just do it. I think that I have to make that my motto, just do it. (and no, I am not stealing it from Nike, I came up with it all by myself before I knew that they were using it too)

We went to Claire's house with the Elders so that she could get a blessing. It was a really good experience. We had a really good talk with her, and I learned a lot about her. I think she has the most faith of anyone I have ever met. She is also amazingly selfless, she is an amazing woman, now all we need to do is help her get baptized!

So the JA that contacted us last Monday on the way to the grocery store came to church this week. We had a lesson afterwards with another JA, it was so good. His name is Lagrand and he met the sister missionaries in Sweden while he was at school.  He said  he had a really good experience with them and wants to continue learning about our church and the Book of Mormon. We set another RV for this week and he might be coming to FHE!

We went to visit Christiane this week and she had a friend coming over, he is a Muslim who converted to Catholicism, his name is Jean-baptiste, or at least now it is. He came to church too, and he loved it. He liked that the members knew so much about Jesus and tried to get to know Him through the scriptures. He has been reading the Book of Mormon with Christiane and he loves that it is like the bible and helps our faith. I am so excited to teach him the gospel, he is so excited about learning about Christ and we have a lot to share with him. The members of our branch were so good too, they talked with all of the amis and we had people to take them to priesthood.  It
 was so good!

I love you all, and have a wonderful week!

Soeur Gaelin Turney

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